Things You'll Need

Hosting & Domain

  1. HOSTING - Hosting is really an insignificant cost in the grand schemem of things. It's required to keep your website online so that eveyone can view & engage with your contnent or services! Standard hosting costs £5-10 a month however priority hosting typicaly costs £15-20 a month, priority hosting allows for a speedy website and quicker loading times for your loyal customers!
  2. Domain - Your domain is essentialy the name of your website (e.g. "") the price of your domain can vary with avalability however domains typicaly cost £1-2 a month.

Timming & Costs

  1. TIMMING - At Bluespace we love to work at a speed that suits you, weather you need a speedy development or like to take things slow, we can work with you. Completion time will vary on different website packages (See price lists bellow for packages) however, typical timming for a website is 1-2 months depending on complexity!
  2. COSTS - Keeping costs low is one of our top priorities, you can view the pricing list bellow and typical total cost for hosting and domain together is £12 a month.

Prices & Packages


£  50 Up front
  • This gets you a clean & effective website with up to 5 simplistic stunning pages.


£ 80 Up front
  • A classy website with more integrated functionality and up to 15 beautiful pages.
  • 5 Free Updates


£ 200 Up front
  • A beautifully designed website with upgraded functionality. Up to 30 amazing pages.
  • 2 Months Free Hosting
  • 10 Free Updates


£ 560 Up front
  • A stunning website with upgraded front- end functionality and back-end login system.
  • 3 Months Free Hosting
  • High-Priority Hosting
  • 10 Free Updates